Best Massage Cushion Reviews 2017

There is a high chance that your life is hectic because all you ever manage to do after you wake up in the morning is rush to the bathroom in preparation for the office. In the evening after a long, tiring day at the office, you are probably looking forward to catching some sleep and little else. You really don’t have to live like this. Consider investing in a massage cushion which will make your life worth the while if not fully transform it.

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In the past, you probably have enjoyed a massage at your local massage parlor. The experience is definitely exhilarating to say the least, especially if done by an experienced masseur. By definition, a massage is the art of applying well coordinated pressure through kneading, tension, motion or pressing on the body. Traditionally, this was done using the arms, but since 1950s, massage chairs have increasingly become common.

The modern zero gravity massage chairs are designed using the unique NASA spacecraft technology, which reclines to allow the astronaut a good view and reduce pressure from their lower backs. They are expensive and take quite some space. On the other hand, there is the massage cushion which takes up negligible space. This cushion is highly portable and can be affixed on literally any type of chair. The benefits which you will reap from buying this chair back massager are almost as many as those you will find in the expensive recliner massage chairs.

An increasing number of homeowners and also office workers are buying massage cushions. Such cushions help at relieving stress from your back, neck and shoulders. They are ideal, especially if you are looking for an affordable way to relax your body and stay healthy. Below are some of the best chair massage cushion options on the market:

Comparison of The Best Zero Gravity Massage Cushions
Name Programs Massage Type Warrenty
Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu 4 1 Year
Homedics QRM-400H Shiatsu 6 2 Years
Homedics SBM-500H Shiatsu 6 2 Years
Homedics MCL-110HA-2CO Shiatsu 3 None
Homedics Air Compression Shiatsu 3 2 Years

Best On The Market

1. Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Neck and Back Massager Cushion – Great Value for Money

Massage Cushion 1

Our Rating – 4.7/5

If you are wondering about which is the best way to invest your spare time and money, look no further. The Zyllion massager cushion which has been approved for use by the FDA is designed to give a thorough back massage anytime and anywhere. Whether you are in the office or resting at your own living room, this massage cushion is guaranteed to give you a thrilling massage experience.

The manufacturer has designed this massager to offer you 3 ideal and different degrees of vibration on the seat cushion. In addition to this, you get to enjoy 4 Shiatsu massage nodes which focus on the lumbar area. There are adjustable cushion nodes for the neck which move and which also have a heating function can be turned off separately. The other thing that makes this ideal chair massage equipment so effective is the fact that you can customize its functions to suit your specific needs. In fact, it is designed in such a way that it can be used by each and every member of your family. After enjoying a masseur session in the chair, your 13-year-old daughter can jump on the seat and adjust the nodes to suit her body and weight.

When you turn on the massage cushion and leave it, it will stay on for 15 minutes before automatically shutting off. It uses the 110V as well as the 240V power sources. Given that the cushion weighs only 15.5 pounds, makes it ideal to carry around. The fact that it is backed by a warranty of one year on materials and workmanship and also because it has an amazing heating function makes it very endearing to own.


  • It is affordable.
  • Has an effective heating function.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Comes with 6 preset programs.
  • Offers deep and relaxing Shiatsu massage.
  • 1 year warranty


  • Shallow cushioning.
  • Doesn’t give deep massages.
2. Homedics QRM 400-H Massage Cushion – Perfect Shiatsu Cushion with Heat

Massage Cushion 2

Our Rating – 4.6/5

This is a Homedics massage cushion which is guaranteed to give you and every other person in your family a thrilling massage every other day. It is a cushion designed and made using the latest technology and materials. This chair-back-massager is designed to offer exceptional back adjustments which custom fit everyone. For a person with broad shoulders and another with narrow shoulders, this massage cushion will offer exceptional massages on both.

The strong features that make this Homedics Shiatsu massage cushion with heat so effective include the 6 different programs and the wide width of its back. The manufacturer has included a microprocessor control panel which makes it easy for you to operate the cushion without having to move around. Also included in this cushion are 4 different and independent rollers which help in giving the whole length of your back a thorough massage. Its weight is 14 pounds and this makes it easy to carry around and fix on chairs.

The heat function of this Homedics back massager with heat is designed to operate in 30-second intervals. This helps at giving you a penetrating and effective deep massage just as and when you need it. It will fit any type of chair and the price tag is attractive and affordable to everyone. For that invigorating rolling and Spot Shiatsu massage which will leave your body fully relaxed, the QRM 400-H is your ideal choice to go for. This heated back massager which delivers professional upper and lower back massages which are only comparable to a 0 gravity massage chair or a professional masseur. All the mechanisms, components and workmanship employed on this massage cushion have been backed by a two-year warranty.


  • Customizable.
  • Easy to use microprocessor control panel.
  • 4 rollers complemented by the heat function.
  • Value for money – affordable.


  • Materials not very strong.
3. Homedics SBM 500H Therapist Massage Cushion – Unique Back and Shoulder Mechanisms

Massage Cushion 3

Our Rating – 4.4/5

You are probably longing for an engrossing massage which is both private and cheap. Well, this Homedics back massager with heat is the perfect deal out there. The manufacturer has made two separate and distinct mechanisms which serve to deliver exceptionally good massages to your shoulders and back. In order to customize your massage experience, the manufacturer has further designed the back-massage section to be height-adjustable. This means that a person of any height can enjoy a massage in this massage cushion. It is the ideal relaxation companion in your home.

Because your back is the most susceptible to stress and pain, this Homedics massage cushion has been designed to offer that exceptional Spot Shiatsu which combines with the full should width capturing capacity for deep invigorating massage. As for the use of heat which is universally known to help relax muscles, the manufacturer has cleverly designed the head and the back to heat in under a minute.

As one of the best Homedics massagers, this cushion only weighs 16.8 pounds. This makes it extremely easy not only to carry anywhere you want but also to install on almost any other kind of chair. Moreover, the Therapist Select feature which includes a strapping system helps turn any kind of chair into an ideal cheap massage chair. Among the massage options that this chair gives include the Shiatsu, heated rolling and Spot massage. With the well thought-out 6 programs, your private massage experience either at home or in the office is bound to be truly transformative.


  • Separate back and shoulder massage mechanisms.
  • Affordable – good value for money.
  • One size fits all – easy to customize.
  • Gives Shiatsu and Rolling massages.
  • Fits on all chairs.
  • 2 years warranty.


  • Not the most comfortable cushion.
4. Homedics MCL-110HA-2CO Shiatsu Massage Cushion – Unique Design and Great Price

Massage Cushion 4

Our Rating – 4.2/5

There is no denying that when it comes to massagers for back, Homedics takes the crown. This massage cushion which has been distinctively designed and made offers your exceptional massage experience both in quality and price. From the start, this chair-back-massager is simplified such that you get to enjoy full, upper and lower massages. Whether you are experiencing lower back or shoulder pains, this massager will help you rediscover your healthy physical and mental form. Moreover, the cushion is designed in such a way that the rollers at the back will deliver full back massage.

The manufacturer has painstakingly ensured that the heating system in this cushion which is soothing by any standard works within a minute of being turned on. The integrated control panel not only ensures that you control all the physical mechanisms of the massage cushion but also the soothing heat system. Just like the other high quality Homedics massagers, this cushion easily fits in almost any kind of chair you decide to use. This makes the cushion an ideal relaxing companion whether at home of in the office. You can even use it on your bed.

The weight of this massager is just 9 pounds hence making it one of the lightest in the industry. This in effect means that it becomes very easy to carry it around and also installing it. Since the control unit of this cushion massager is attached to the back, it cannot be used in certain instances but then it is extremely hard to misplace the control unit.


  • Very light.
  • Control unit attached to the back.
  • Very affordable – good value for money.


  • Control unit difficult to operate always.
  • Will only heat when massager is on.
5. Homedics Air Compression and Shiatsu Massage Cushion – Deep-kneading Shiatsu Massager

Massage Cushion 5

Our Rating – 4.0/5

We are increasingly becoming overwhelmed by our jobs and the need to balance between work and personal life. At the end of almost every day, we are ever tired and when this trend continues for a person, the effects can be devastating. To alienate yourself from such potential trouble, you should invest in the Homedics Air Compressor massage cushion. This Homedics massage cushion offers you enlivening deep kneading Shiatsu massages. The full length of your back will enjoy a deep massage because the cushion is partitioned into three sections; the full body, lower body and upper body.

This is one of the Homedics Shiatsu massage cushions which use air to attain maximum effect. The air in the cushion is compressed and in effect your lumber region is squeezed based on three sensitivity levels; high, low and medium. The manufacturer has included a soothing heating system which strives to balance between the deep-kneading massages and the need to give you a thorough relaxation. Indeed, this is one of the best massage cushions from Homedics.

The manufacturer has included covers for the cushions. However, when you remove these covers, you will be able to customize the cushion to your ideal size and weight. You will also enjoy the ease at which you can set up this chair massage cushion on almost any kind of chair. Its weight is 12.1 pounds and this makes it easy to move about and also set it up on most chairs. Whether in an office or in your living room, this cushion will help you enjoy life as you deserve to. For any poor workmanship and faulty materials, the manufacturer has backed the massage cushion with a 2-year warranty.


  • Affordable.
  • Soothing heat.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Can heat without turning massager on.


  • Doesn’t come with 12V adapter.


You can transform your life today by simply opting to buy an expensive 0 gravity massage chair but then, the price is too dear. The cheaper option which is equally as effective if not more is to buy a massage cushion. There are cheap massage cushions in the market which will leave you with embalmed fond memories. The effectiveness of these cushions cannot be understated especially considering that your back as well as overall health improves tremendously. The fun and pleasure crawled from sitting on such a cushion is something to reflect on too.