The latest technologies have dramatically changed the way we approach life. Almost everything that needed manual work in the past is now being substituted with electronics. These powerful gadgets perform the same tasks, equally efficiently, with minimal effort taken from our side. One such wonder gadget is the massage chair, which is fast replacing the traditional massage, delivered by a professional masseur or masseuse. So does a massage chair work equally well as the human massage? Let us find out.

The Advantages of a Body Massage

Massage therapy is a powerful relaxant, which offers a variety of health benefits. It loosens up the muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress and boosts the lymphatic system. All-in-all, a good massage is good for both the body and the mind.

Massage Chair vs. Real Massage

A rubdown is always recommended to alleviate chronic body pain. Experienced professionals use specific techniques, kneads, touches and strokes to soothe the strained areas. While the human touch is known to have several advantages; both physical and psychological; the motorized gadget too can give you the same level of comfort that a professional can. Here is a comparison between the human and the electronic versions:

  • Controlling the Pressure¬†

A professional masseur usually knows how to deliver the right amount of pressure on your body. However, only you know the extent to which a joint or sprain is hurting. Hence, only you can actually assess how much depth and pressure you want on that particular area of your body. The electronic device enables you to control and manipulate the pressure; especially if you are experiencing discomfort around the spine or its peripheral regions. Managing the pressure to your preferences supports your entire body and helps the tension slacken.

The reduction of muscle tension realigns the body and relieves pain, thereby correcting past imbalances in your body. This helps bring back your posture and poise.

  • Cutting Costs and Time

Investing in a massage chair helps you costs in the long run. You have to spend heavily each time you visit a masseur. That, plus the tip you offer them, further raises your all-round expenses for the massage. Purchasing an electronic massage device, on the other hand, assures you of a quality product, which will serve you well for years ahead.

The massage chair is advantageous, taking into consideration the time factor as well. In the case of a human massage, you first need to schedule an appointment with the professional. You have to book him or her in advance and then be there on time. An automated massage chair, on the other hand, lets you experience all the benefits of the therapy; at your own time; and in the comfort of your own home.

  • Preventing the Discomfort of Touch

The human touch is believed to have the capacity to heal most illnesses. However, not everyone is okay with having a strange person touch them. Many have issues surrounding touch and are not comfortable removing their clothing; even if the professional is of the same sex.

In such a case, the massage chair comes of great use. You can use the device in the privacy of your own home, with no one around. You only need to program your machine, put on some music and just relax for the amount of time that it takes to work on you.


Both the traditional massage and the one offered by motorized massage chairs are beneficial for you. However, the electronic version is now beginning to gain popularity on account of its benefits, as listed above.

A Word of Caution

In case of chronic pains or those caused due to an accident or past surgery, it is advisable for you to take the advice of a physician before going in for either type of massage.

Michelle Heavner
Written by Michelle Heavner