Relaxing with technology is a myth? Never! Technology increases stress in most of the people but if used in a good way, then it is true. There are numerous many ways a tech gadget might help in mind relaxation. Let’s find out, how the technology and its gadgets help us out in taking out the mind from our regular stressful functions.

1. iPhone 7

Music from your latest iPhone like iPhone7, make a relaxing playlist from times you are in need of stress relief. Listen to the music in a way, especially relaxation through a gentle massage on your body will take you another world. Place headphones (or) ear pods that block out outer noises. Finding a masseuse every time you’re stressed gives you more stress. Giving a try with a massage chair that gives you instant relief from stress and makes you more active and gets your job/ business done with more efficiency. This improves your human relations as well as you now stop the tendency to burst out your stressful anger on your near and dear in your family or friends. iTunes has many apps and albums related to relaxing music. Try one of those by relaxing on a massage chair to lead a better and longer life.

2. Games On Phone

Games are meant to be the flawless antidote for sleepless nights. If you are waking up in the midnight, in spite of stressing yourself about what’s going to happen tomorrow, better grab your iPhone and play a simple game. This takes your mind off on worries you have and you tend to go back to sleep pretty quickly without even knowing by yourself. The selection of game should meet certain norms like unrelated to timings, easy to leave down and reap back again later, and never too much of a thought process involved during the game progression. Find simple games like Sudoku, solitaire & numerous word games like scrabble, words with friends are the perfect ones.

3. PlayStation 4

The PlayStation as well offers you simple mind relaxation games that can be played with. PlayStation recently released mind relaxing games on National Mind Relaxation Day last year. The relaxation genre includes games like Grow-home, HohoKum, Poor Tear-away and Abzu.

4. Xbox One

Xbox One offers games that aren’t related to killing at all. The new relaxation genre refreshes your mind with these new games available in the marketplaces. Games such as Desert Golfing, Journey, Animal crossing, Stardew Valley & Horizon 2. These games are mostly economical as well.

5. PSP

The PSP has an added advantage when compared to Xbox One and PS4. You can sit and hold the console in your hands and that requires absolutely low movement. You can switch PSP with iPhone7 when you’re on massage chair. Play you favorite mind refreshing game that rejuvenates your mind activity. You can try playing simulations games that gives a virtual reality feel while playing them. Games like Me & Katamari, Endless Oceans and LocoRoco falls into this genre.

The key to relax your mind to lead a stress-free life with mind diversion towards simple happiness and satisfactory stuff. Make the most from the things you use in your daily life.

Michelle Heavner
Written by Michelle Heavner